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Cooler Master

Cooler Master MP511 Speed - Purple - XL Size

Cooler Master MP511 Speed - Purple - XL Size


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The MP511 Gaming Mouse Pad is an upgrade in every sense of the word, adding skill points to durability, comfort, accuracy and performance. The surface is made from high quality jersey cloth so there's no need to worry about sweat, tears, and energy drinks nerfing your performance due to its splash-resistant surface. The smooth fabric blend ensures precision, while anti-fray stitching prevents pesky peeling. Sturdy and built to last, the MP511 Speed is designed to enhance your gameplay and improve the comfort in serious battles.
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Smooth Gaming-Grade Surface

Slick surface optimal for speed and precision.

Splash-Resistant Surface

Resistant to sweat, tears and abrasions, prolonging its life and preventing unpleasant smells.​


Purple / Black
LED Color
Dimensions (L x W x H)
900 x 400 x 3 mm ± 5 mm
Nature Rubber / Jersey Cloth