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Cooler Master

Cooler Master Caliber R3 Gaming Chair - Black

Cooler Master Caliber R3 Gaming Chair - Black


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Continuing the legacy of the Caliber R2 Gaming Chair, the Caliber R3 offers a a brand new design with improved comfort and ergonomics.

Designed specifically for those who spend extensive amount of hours staying seated for work as well as play, the Caliber R3's clean, professional aesthetic with a full array of ergonomic features makes it the perfect addition to your setup.

Caliber R3 is also available in purple striping.

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Upgraded Perforated Material

Caliber R3 now uses an all-new, fully blacked-out, synthetic performance PU for perforated patches, matching the same high quality PU leather on other parts of the chair.

Reinforced Steel Frame Structure and Base

Caliber R3 continues to use a class-leading steel frame gauge and structural design to deliver a superior experience with durability lasting for many years to come.


Perforated PU / cut foam / steel
Total Height Range
125.5-133.5 cm
Backrest Height
82 cm
Backrest Width
58 cm
Armrest to Armrest
71 cm
Seat Width (including sides)
58 cm
Seat Depth
54 cm
Diameter of Base
70 cm
Armrest Adjustability
28.5-36.5 cm
Floor to Seat Top
48-56 cm
Height Adjustability
8 cm
90-180 degrees
60 mm
Gas Lift
Class 4
Net Weight
21.5 kg
Max. Weight Load
150 kg