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Cooler Master

Cooler Master GD120 Gaming Desk

Cooler Master GD120 Gaming Desk


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Work easier, game stronger

Introducing the Cooler Master GD120 gaming desk, designed to level up your work and gaming setup. With a 100kg weight capacity and 3 levels of manual height adjustment, the GD120 is built for comfort and durability. The built-in cable management tray and full-surface mouse pad eliminate clutter, enhancing your workspace aesthetics and precision. Invest in a reliable and long-lasting desk that can handle your heavy equipment without collapsing or becoming unstable.

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Keep your workspace tidy

With a built-in cable management tray, the GD120 gaming desk ensures that your cables remain organized and out of the way. Enjoy a clutter-free workspace that enhances productivity and aesthetics.

Enjoy seamless and accurate movement

The entire surface of the GD120 gaming desk doubles as a mouse pad, providing a smooth and precise surface for your mouse to glide across. Say goodbye to rough edges and experience seamless and accurate movement from one end of the desk to the other. The mousepad is also water resistant, helping prevent odor buildup and prolonging its lifespan.


Black and Purple
Dimensions (L x W)
120 x 60 cm
Height Range
71, 75 (default), 79 cm
Max. Load
100 kg
Cable Management Tray
Chipboard, Steel
Desk LED Color